untill 06/30/2020 | THE BIG TOP | Ganei yehoshua Tel-Aviv Tickets



FROM JUNE 3rd UNTIL JUNE 30th, 2020

*** Limited number of seats ***


After the dazzling success of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria and Quidam at Heichal Menora with more than 180,000 Israelis who experienced the magic, Cirque du Soleil decided to bring the ultimate “Cirque” experience to the Israeli audience in the summer of 2020. KOOZA will be presented for the first time in Israel in the iconic blue-and-yellow Big Top.

The fantastic and unimaginable world of breathtaking and endless acrobatics, inside a dedicated structure for the show that allows complete technical freedom to fulfill the creators’ fantasies, promises a breathtaking experience.

Half of the western area of Hayarkon Park (“Sportek North”) will be transformed into a huge village which will be built for the summer. The wonderful experience created by Cirque du Soleil as seen in 60 countries around the world is now coming to us.



KOOZA combines thrilling acrobatic performance with the art of clowning. We follow The Innocent as he takes a journey of self-discovery through a comic kingdom of eccentric characters, electrifying thrills and out-of-the-box surprised. Presented in a colorful mélange, KOOZA springs open like a be jeweled toy box to capture the audience’s imagination and set their pulse racing. Sheer human effort – performance at its rawest, purest form – is showcased in all its splendor and fragility.

KOOZA is an eclectic mix of characters and rich set that draws the audience into Cirque du Soleil’s fantasy world. The show features 50 acrobats, musicians, characters and clowns from 15 countries, showing more than 1,200 pieces of costume in one single show. Along with a live musical performance on stage, KOOZA ensures a “once in a lifetime” experience.

The entire KOOZA’s cast and crew, 122 people in total, will arrive in Israel and more than 100 staff members will be hired locally – production team, security, ushers and more.



Ganei Yehoshua (Havarkon Park) was chosen to accommodate Cirque du Soleil’s world famous Big Top in the summer of 2020. In a joint effort between the park’s management and the Tel Aviv municipality, a 20-acres building plan was approved, and the Big Top which will stand 20m high will be risen there.

The Big Top will allow approximatively 2,400 viewers to enjoy a breathtaking view from each seat. The stage is spread on almost half of the Big Top and the audience seats in a 270 degrees’ angle. Combined with the fact that several acrobatic acts are aerial, the audio-visual experience is exceptional throughout the Big Top.

Cirque du Soleil will import everything needed to produce KOOZA in Israel: rigging system, stage, sound and lighting systems, dining room for the cast & crew, dedicated training spaces, costumes department, and much more. The Big Top which will feature KOOZA in Israel will be the same as it was presented around the world, from the technical details to the acrobatic apparatus, to the audio-visual components.